Both Bear Camps are located on High Quality Management Waters  

Barbless hooks must be used, or Barbs must be pinched 

Limits are:  

4 walleye, 21.5 inches and over must be released 

4 pike, 29.5 inches and over must be released

We have two large tracts of Atikaki Wilderness Park allocated for operating foreign non-resident black bear hunts.  The 2 hunting areas allocated to us encompasses 36500 acres of untouched wilderness.  This remoteness offers you bears that have reached maturity without being harassed and/or educated.  During your float plane ride into camp you will see the landscape is full of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bogs, forest and rugged rock outcroppings. Harvested bears average over 6ft from nose to tail.  Early spring breeding makes for the most productive hunts as our prebaited sites are strongly hit. Join us for much more then a bear hunt......bull shitting around a nightly bonfire, daily fishing and shore lunches, a true wilderness experience.  We LOVE what we do.

      7 day hunts - Sunday to Sunday

      2 different camps on seperate lakes

      Camps accessible by Float plane only - included in price of hunt

      Prebaited sites with lock on & ladder stands 

      9 Bait sites per lake - accessable by boat only

      16 ft aluminum boats with honda motors

      Archery targets in camp to ensure your sites are still bang on.

      Meals provided with cook in camp - please inform us of allergies

      Beverages - pop/bottle water/juice.....Liquor not included

      Wall tents with wood floors & cots

      Wood stoves incase of cool or wet weather

      Shower tent with propane & battery operated shower

      Generator in Camp to power deep freezers for your meat & pelt

      Hand held radios for communication to bait sites

      Sat Phone for emergency use only

      Free fishing for Pike & Walleye included

      Guides - 3 to 1 or better


Please contact us for pricing.

50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your week, remaining owed 90 days prior to the start of the hunt.  See bottom of page for cancellation policy.


Bear Tag & Fishing License are not included in the price of the hunt.  Bear tags are $335.00 per person and will be issued to you by us and filled out at camp, to be paid when issued, cash or chq.  A conservation fishing license will cost $32.00/person and can be purchased at most convenience store gas stations in Manitoba or you can purchase it at the Blue Water float plane base in Bissett, MB where you will be flying out of.

Bear Hunt - fishing included in hunt

What to bring to

Bear Camp:

  Gun or Bow - NO Hand Guns

  Tree stand safety harness

  Sleeping Bag & light bed roll

  Warm & Cold Weather Clothing

  Rain Gear

  Bug Repellent - Thermocell

  Sun screen & toiletries (lip balm & ear plugs)


  Flash Light/Head Lamp

  Spare Batteries

  Fishing License - purchase in MB

  Fishing Rod & Salted Minnows

       6ft spinning rod

       10-15lb test line

       steel leaders

       a few medium size pike spoons

       3/8 jigs - assorted colors

       3' to 4' rubber tails

 All packed in weather resistant luggage.     We suggest a strong rubbermaid type   tote.

 All that being said your

weight restriction'for the float plane is 100

lbs per person. 


 Please stay within this limit !  If you are   over on your weight limit you may be   asked to repack at the float plane base   and eliminate a couple items.

Upon your arrival at camp tags will be filled out followed by a target shoot at 25 yards.  No hunter will go to a stand until it is confirmed that sights are still dialed in to ensure accuracy in your chosen weapon


No Expandables/mechanical broadheads allowed in camp.


Wounding policy : If the guide decides that it was a fatal shot without retrieval your hunt is over.

Refund & Cancellation Policy


Do to our advance commitments with booking your flights into camp, booking guides, hunting tags, equipment and food requirements we must set out the following conditions.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your hunt date.  With plenty of advance notice (8mo-1yr) we may be able to change your date or roll your date over to another year, at our discression.


The balance owed must be received 90 days before the hunt.  Balances not received 90 days before your hunt will be deemed canceled and no refunds will be given.


Our payment policy for hunts booked more then a year in advance are as follows.  A nonrefundable deposit of 500 per person will be excepted to hold your week.  Once your hunt is a year out we will require an additional 1000.00 payment.  When your hunt reaches 90 days out we will require all outstanding balances to be payed.


If you are worried about needing to cancel your trip at the last minute then we suggest buying trip cancellation insurance.


In the event that something happens on our end and you are unable to hunt do to unforseen circumstances, forrest fires, ice out, acts of god, then we will work with you to find another time to book your hunt.


Each camp has a "Client Tent" a wall tent for only clients to keep their gear and sleep.  All of our tents have a wood floor and wood stove for heating on those cooler nights.  You will be sleeping on cots, please bring a "light" bed roll as well as a sleeping bag and pillow.   


Your guides will be in a seperate sleeping area.


We have a beautiful fire pit area for you to relax and reminisce about the days adventures.


Each camp also has a cook/dining tent.  The group will eat together at this tent a meal prepared for you by one of our cooks.  You will get 3 hot meals a day with plenty of snacks inbetween meals.


Both camps have a private propane heated hot shower area.